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Wurlitzer Organ

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Thanks for stopping by for a look. I was given this organ several years ago. It was originally installed in a theater in (I think) the Kansas City area. At some point it was purchased by a small Lutheran church in Kansas City (somewhere east of the Paseo and west of Prospect Ave. and I believe south of Brush Creek Blvd. and 63rd street) and installed in their small sanctuary. In the early 90's the church purchased a new electronic organ and wanted to get rid of the old pipe organ. Another Lutheran congregation (St. Marks on Troost Ave.) obtained the instrument intending to incorporate it in the antiphonal division of their organ. Once the instrument had been moved from the original church to St. Mark's it was discovered that the wind pressures of the two instruments were significantly different and it was decided that the three ranks of pipes from the Wurlitzer were not worth the effort to augment the antiphonal division and the project was scraped. During Holy Week the wife of the pastor of St. Mark's stopped me at school and said if you can get the organ out of our building before Easter Sunday you can have it. I called in a bunch of favors and removed the organ from the church on Good Friday and moved it into storage. The organ has remained in storage since then (about 11 years now) while I finished college and graduate school and started working. Within the next few years I hope to be able to install it. I would be very interested in knowing where the instrument was originally installed and what the original specs whould have been. I have listed below the current line-up of stop tabs and on the next page have included addition pictures of various parts of the console. I have tried to find an opus number on the main wind chest (haveing been told that it was usually stamped there) but have never seen any number stamped on the wind chest. Can you help me figure out where this instrument was originally installed?

Console Front

On the right of the key desk above there is a place where there was once a Wurlitzer name plate (I think). This nameplate was removed at some point. Is there a supplier of reproduction Wurlitzer nameplates?

Three Ranks total
Vox Humanna

Stop Tab List

Salicional 8'
Fluge 8'
Vox Humanna 8'
Salicet 4'
Flute 4'
Chinese Block
Snare Drum

Bourdon 16'
Saiclonal 8'
Flute 8'
Vox Humanna 8'
Salicet 4'
Flute 4'
Cathedral Chimes

Bourdon 16'
Cello 8'
Flute 8'
Kettle Drum
Bass Drum

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!